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Minibus Tours

Woking – HOME 

Our Woking minibus hire delivers first class service to clients all across the parish. We can help you to transport guests for business meetings, birthday parties and many other events. Our flexible options have helped to make our minibus hire in Woking a household name in the town. With the assistance of our capable team, your event will be a success. 
Our vehicles are fully insured and are supplied by leading brands such as Ford. Book our 8 seater, 24 seater or any of our large buses, such as our 96 seater, today. You will be impressed by our considerate service and attention to detail. 
Attractions in Woking 
Woking Football Club attracts a number of visitors to the town each year. Many people come to support the local team at the Laithwaite Community Stadium and we can arrange transportation for your group to attend home or away matches. Our rates make it easy for you to make a day of it with friends and family when Woking plays Merstahm or Celebrity XI.  
We assist with school trips to popular football and rugby fields and will ensure that your local team makes it to competitions in a timely manner. Let us take you to these areas: 
Woking Leisure Centre 
Kingfield Stadium 
The Camphill Club 
Residents of Woking enjoy having meals with friends after a day of relaxation. Whether you enjoy a Neapolitan menu or classic British fare, there is a lot for you to appreciate in our town. We can also take you right from a stadium to any of the popular restaurants in Woking: 
Bill’s Woking Restaurant 
L’Aroma Ristorante Italiano 
Jaipur Indian Restaurant 
Bombay Night 
Being outdoors gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of life. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of your normal routine and let our Woking minibus hire take you to scenic spots around the city. Some of the trees in the town have been around for generations. There are several parks in Woking which are perfect for a picnic. These include: 
Woking Park 
Barton Close Park 
Alpha Road Park 
Bisley and West End Commons 
De Lara Way Park 
Ash Ranges Reserve 
Barossa Common 
If cycling, walking or playing rugby leave you with a thirst for more thrilling adventures, let our Woking minibus hire take you to Thorpe Park. This has exciting rides that will get your heart pumping. They also have concerts at times so you can enjoy a full day and night there. 
Comfortable Trips 
Each of our clients gets the best customer care in the industry when they travel with us. We offer you a wide selection of buses for your trip. This makes it easy to get the best value for your money when it comes to transportation. If you wish, we can also arrange for a VIP tour, which includes drinks, snacks and other amenities which make your trip even more relaxing. 
Our clients sometimes have need for a stylish bus that can easily seat 16 VIPs. We provide that with our Mercedes 16 seater. We offer buses which are made by companies that have built a reputation for outstanding performance even on the longest journeys. Trust us to take your team anywhere in or out of the city. When you want to attend a football, tennis or rugby match, we make it convenient for you to do so.  
All of our chauffeurs are fully licensed and are trained to handle the luxurious, modern buses that you select for your journey. Our expert team of automotive mechanics regularly checks each bus in our fleet for any problems. In addition to that, your reliable coach is also checked before it leaves our facility to pick you up. This helps to prevent any possibility of delays on your trip. 
Our buses have separate compartments for any gear you wish to carry with you when you are going on a picnic at any of the beautiful parks in Woking. Over sized seats make relaxing during your journey easy and you can reconnect with family members you haven’t seen for a while on your way to a graduation or birthday celebration. 
Fast Booking 
Our team understands that time is of the essence for all our clients. We have made every step of the booking process easy. You may visit our website at any time that is convenient to you, using a smartphone, tablet or another digital device. Quickly select your destination from our drop down menu and enter information on the number of people travelling with you. 
Your quote will be completely free. You can use this information to compare our prices with others and you will see just how competitive our minibus hire in Woking prices are. You save a lot more by hiring one of our coaches than taking several cars to your venue. Plus, we offer a more ecologically friendly option since a single coach releases less harmful emissions into the environment. 
See us first for all your transportation needs. We always customise our services to suit the travel needs of our customers. If you need assistance with a trip to a particular destination but don’t see it listed on our website, give our minibus hire in Woking a call. Our knowledgeable team can help you to arrange a package that meets your needs.